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Quick History of Men's Jewelry

Men's Jewelry has been around for quite some time. Dating back 75 000 years ago, the first pieces of jewelry were made from sea and egg shells. It seems like this 'arts and crafts' style of jewelry lasted quite some time. It wasn't until about 5000 years ago that jewelry was started to be made by copper, silver and and gold. These forms of jewelry were used to show political and social rankings throughout the land. 

Jewelry made from gold quickly became the ultimate symbol of power and wealth. It wasn't just about how much gold jewelry you had that showed your power, it also depended on the size. Many leaders would wear very large and heavy gold necklaces. 

Now let's fast-forward to the 1800's when the iconic brands Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Bulgari. Men would now wear matching pieces of jewelry which became very popular across Europe.

In more recent times, the jewelry industry grew aggressively with the popular 1980's hip-hop and rap culture when it became common to wear large gold chains and pendants. With the addition of the booming prices of custom pieces, men's jewelry today is not only a symbol of money and wealth but has also become a statement of expression.

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